Easy Piano Songs

Playing any musical instrument takes quite a bit of practice and we would say the hardest part is understanding how to read the notes. With our alternate method play piano with letters you do exactly as it states. You read the music vertically with letters rather than left to right with music notes. Making this method one of the most efficient methods to learn piano online and offline. Learning how to play piano songs tend to be simple with our library of songs. We currently have a list of 400+ and it is growing every week. Since there are easy piano songs it will help the younger generation get into piano music much easier.

There are a wide variety of authors and songs that tend to both children and elder people alike. There are three main difficulties which will help a novice or beginner pianoist gradually work their way up to an expert or advanced pianoist using our method.

Learn to Play Piano With Letters

"An Alternative Way to Learn & Play Piano Music"

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