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"Piano Tab... An Alternative Way to Learn & Play"

Our Piano Tab Features

  • Play piano with letters instead of music notes. An alternate method for a visual learner intimidated by the piano sheet music. A fun and fast way to learn to play piano.

  • The piano tabs display fingering numbers for the right and left hand with red and blue letters. This is an easier way to learn piano sheet music with very little piano training.

  • A keyboard template is used as a guide and is visible at the top of each page. Middle "C" is highlighted in red or blue in the header for easy reference on where the song starts.

What Is Play Piano By Letters?

Play Piano by Letters is an additional or alternative way for people to learn how to play well-known songs on the piano. Unlike regular piano sheet music Play Piano By Letters provides a new innovative and unconventional hybrid method of reading sheet music. This method uses letters and fingering numbers to learn and play the sheet music known as Piano Tabs. Piano tabs are particularly helpful for new people who want to learn new songs every once in a while. If you're a visual learner, intimidated by the complexities of reading standard sheet music, or want an additional tool to help you learn to play piano, our alternate method was made for you. We have several easy piano songs as well as intermediate and advanced level songs. From Bach to Rock, you will have a visual and fun experience in learning how to play new piano songs. This website contains some of the most popular songs in piano tablatures; a color coded, easy interpretation of piano sheet music that requires little piano training. Piano Tab is perfect for guitar players who want to learn to play piano and already understand guitar tab, but doesn't read piano sheet music. Piano Tabs take all the symbols out of sheet music and replaces them with blue and red letters in a visual way which makes learning fast, easy, and fun. As an added bonus, if you do not find the song you are wanting to learn, you can reach out to us using the form at the bottom of the website, and we will add the song as soon as we possibly can.

How To Read Piano Tabs

Video Summary

  • 1. Read letters from top to the bottom of the page.
  • 2. Middle C on the keyboard template can be red or blue & references where to start.
  • 3. Rhythm count is located on the left column along with each measure number.
  • 4. Notes played are colored blue and red which corresponds to left and right hand.
  • 5. Fingering numbers are next to the note letters.
  • 6. When two or more notes are played together it's indicated by a dotted line.
  • 7. A blue or red bold vertical line under a note letter represents a sustained count.

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