200 Pop Songs
Tab Cost:$15.00
This book contains 200 Pop Songs (Intro & Main Riffs) in piano tablature; a color coded, easy interpretation of piano music that requires little training. The piano tabs display right and left-hand fingering numbers with red and blue note letters. The Play Piano by Letters book is perfect for the visual learner. Play Piano by Letters is a method of learning featuring unique color-coded illustrations of sheet music. Play Piano by Letters translates musical notation by replacing note symbols with letters. Play Piano by Letters is an interesting and fun way for musicians to play well-known songs on the piano. The most remarkable feature about this method is that it modifies standard sheet music and uses letters instead of note symbols, so those who want to play the piano can learn in a much easier and more visual way. If you're a visual learner, intimidated with the complexities of reading standard piano sheet music, and want an additional tool to learn a song the Play Piano by Letters book is for you. Play Piano by Letters is an innovative and unconventional hybrid method of reading music. It displays the note letters and fingering numbers to be played not just "numbers" like seen with "Guitar Tab". This method of tablature is particularly helpful for piano beginners, and for those who want to learn new songs every once in a while.

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