Gymnopedie and Gnossienne No. 1
Artist:Erik Satie
Tab Cost:$5.00
Learn to play "Gymnopedie No.1" and "Gnossienne No.1" by the French composer and pianist Erik Satie with Piano Tab; a color-coded, easy interpretation of piano music that requires little training. You will have fun playing these beautiful and heart-wrenching compositions. Gymnopedie No.1, a short piece, written in 3/4 time and the key of D Major was published in 1888. Gnossienne No.1, a melancholy classic in 4/4 time with the key of F Minor was composed around 1890. Both pieces featured in the Netflex series "The Queen's Gambit". If you're a visual learner, intimidated with the complexities of reading standard piano sheet music, and want an additional tool to learn "Gymnopedie" and "Gnossienne" by Erik Satie, this book is for you!

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